Orthopaedic Chair With Wooden Arms

Orthopaedic Chair With Wooden Arms

This Orthopaedic Chair Features Wooden Arms for look that will benefit your living space

Manufactured in Ireland

Built To Your Needs


16 x 16 ,17 x 17, 18 x 18, 19 x 19, 20 x 20  all Adjustable 16 to 21 All sizes are in inches.

These can be used in different combinations eg 17 inch Width x 16 inch Depth, 20 inch Width x 18 inch Depth etc.

All of the above classed as standard. Anything outside of these sizes classed as specials eg 15 inch width x15 inch depth or 21 inch width x 19 inch depth

Non - standard sizes also available, for further assistance contact Hitec Medicare at 056 4442626