Huwa-San TR3 Disinfectant - Drum

Huwa-San TR3 Disinfectant - Drum

Huwa-San TR3 is an ecologically safe broad-spectrum powerful disinfectant with proven

independent laboratory and field testing proving it a highly effective bactericide, virucide,

sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide.


With the increasing number of Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) cases in the UK and Ireland and the

statement from the Chief Medical Officer that he believes there is now “community

transmission” within Ireland, the focus is turning to reducing the risks from hard surfaces,

Our unique ionic-silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide solution Huwa-San TR3 in ready to use



World Health Organisation approved. Registered with the The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. PCS No: PCS 98876


Also availble - 1L, 10L, & 25L


Ready to use solution

Shelf stable for up to 2 years.

No PPE required.

3% active hydrogen peroxide has proven viricidal efficacy against encapsulated viruses (BS EN 14476)

Bactericidal activity (BS EN 1276, 13697)

Fungicidal activity (BS EN 1650)

No rinse formulation, suitable for use prior to processing of organic approved products

(under EU 83412007 and EU 889/2008) suitable for medical & healthcare, general

industry, commercial, residential hard surface disinfection.

NSF food safe approved (National Sanitation Foundation)

 > Log4 reduction of pathogens or 99.99% minimum reduction (10,000 – fold reduction)

Non - standard sizes also available, for further assistance contact Hitec Medicare at 056 4442626